We’ve missed you!

Hello beautiful people,

What an adventure life has been for us these past few months! We had an amazing, blessed journey to Nepal and have so many new things to share with you all. It was so great to be able to spend much needed time visiting our family and all of the amazing monasteries, temples, villages, and all of our favorite spots in Nepal. We celebrated Miss Tara Adhira’s first birthday from the roof of the world and had such a wonderful time!

There is nothing in the world like staring at the Himalayan Mountains, breathing in the most fresh, crisp mountain air, in a village in Nepal surrounded with so many beautiful gardens and villages of carefree, humble, happy people.  To be so simple and live in every moment enjoying the smallest of things.   It means so much to us to be able to bring our children here and share with them these simple and yet so meaningful moments and places in this world.

We got to visit with so many of our dear friends, miners, local artists, and handicrafter’s and are so excited to show off our newest additions! Many new crystals, Buddha &  Ganesh crystal carvings, crystal mala’s and silver jewelry to share with you all. New Himalayan quartz + chlorite specimens, tourmalines, garnets 🙂 We found some really beautiful local Nepalese artists making macrame jewelry with high quality cabs, some of the nicest pendants we’ve ever seen!  New Rice paper cards, gift boxes, beautiful flower of life wrapping paper, hand painted Tibetan crystal boxes, crystal pouches! So exciting 🙂

We currently have two shops that you can see us                                                                      open everyday 11-8  now until Dec 24th!

Union Square Holiday Market – space B17

open 11-8 everyday until Dec 24th


Columbus Circle- space B57

open 10-8 everyday until Dec 24th



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