Our Earth is full of undeniable beauty and indispensable information.  It is within the natural harmony of the Earth that we must find ways to build a more peaceful, loving, wholesome self.  Everyday we find ourselves in aw of the most raw natural elements of our beautiful living earth. From this we decided to share and spread our love of the natural world!  We are very blessed to have the opportunity to travel & collect fossils, minerals, & crystals from all over the world to share with you.. & to have created our own  line of small batch high quality organic herbal teas, soaps, salves & apothecary goods!



“Simple living, high thinking”

            –Mahatma Gandhi

We share a deep connection with Mother Earth and all her many beautiful beings.  We live for the sunshine and moonlight!  We are Hatha Yoga teachers & parents and try to live our lives in practice of all the eight limbs of Yog.  We love the great outdoors, stretching our bodies, deepening our minds, travels & adventures!  We live the mountain life on the Schunnemunk Mountain Upstate, NY but can be found in the best popup markets NYC has to offer during the spring-fall, the Columbus circle Holiday Market during the Holidays and on the West Coast during the winter and in between that were wandering the world for the best crystals and adventures!  Check out or upcoming events for more details!

Love & Light


7 thoughts on “About

  1. It has been a pleasure interacting with you at the Columbus Circle Holiday Market…thank you so much for all of our new mineral heart additions – they mean so much to us.

  2. Greeting and blessings
    Dear Rebeca and Lobsang
    Ingrid Wagner and me were introduced to your wonderful earth’s energy products last year at the fair on Columbus Ave and 79th st.
    Hope all is well with you as we hope to revisit with you at your store again.
    Happy springing Stay in the light of grace and
    thanks for keep in touch
    Tal.carmela@gmail.com or Please call Ingrid at 212 222 5800

  3. I enjoyed browsing your varied display of quality minerals, crystals and fossils at the Broadway Market in the city. I love the Rainbow Fluorite I bought! Will look for you again during the Holiday Market at Columbus Circle.

  4. Snagged a powerful green Apophyllite and Apatite/Quartz/Ganela cluster from yall in downtown NYC today!! Wow…. they are both absolutely some of the most intense, harmonious stones I have ever worked with!!! I can tell they are infused with love by your family. 🙂 Thank you for sourcing ethical stones – energy means everything. Hope to see you soon!! Hugs – Kathleen

    1. Those are certainly some of our favorites! It was so nice meeting you we hope to see you again soon! Let us know if there is anything you are ever looking for!
      Peace & Love,
      Rebecca & Lobsang

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