Herbal Apothecary



 Restoring balance through Herbalism.
We believe in herbal medicines and the art of using diet, lifestyle and natural therapies to create wellness within us & our Mother Earth. The Herbal Apothecary is our conscious line of small batch high quality organic herbal teas & apothecary goods. We are  proud to say that all of our products are made with 100% earth based, unprocessed, raw ingredients.  Using fresh and dried herbs and Essential oils our products are packed with natural vitamins and ancient healing properties.                                                      All  handmade in small batches by Rebecca with lots of love & care.

check out all of our products here! http://www.etsy.com/shop/theearthsenergy

Our friends & family are often asking for special orders…  I would love to hear your ideas and create something special for you!

3 thoughts on “Herbal Apothecary

  1. Monica Montufar

    I have the goddess serum I bought at the Gem show in Tucson and would like to order some more as well as possible other things..
    how to do this online?

    1. theearthsenergy Post author

      Hey Monica!
      Im so glad you liked the apothecary products! Were working on some new summer recipes and hope to have everything online by the beginning of summer! Would be glad to let you know when shop is open! Shop is..

      Peace & Love,


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