Hello beautiful beings

It has been quite a while since our last post on here and I am happy to share that we are all well and blessed. We want to thank you all for the continued love and support especially during this past year. As many of you know we started hosting monthly Instagram Live Sales which were both a wonderful success and lot of fun..we hope to continue them! If you did not have chance to join us please make sure to follow us on instagram @earthsenergygems !!

Action Bronson at our Pop Up Event in The Village July 2021

In June we started back to our weekend Pop Up Markets in NYC and will continue to have events every weekend until the end of September. Check our upcoming events tab to and up to date list of all our upcoming markets.

We are very excited to announce our first year the Bryant Park Holiday Market and will be open everyday from October 28 to January 2, 2022. We will also have our shop at the Union Square Holiday Market and will be open everyday November 18, 2021 to December 24, 2021.

The kiddos continue to grow and blossom more and more everyday. Karma is turning 7 in just a few days and is such a colorful creative and kind soul. Tara is 3 going on 30 and reminds me everyday to enjoy all the small moments, to eat well and to spread compassion. They start at our local Montessori school in September and we are all excited for all this new chapter has to bring.

Like most everybody we are missing our days of travels but we have been lucky enough to make a few road trips this past year. We took a six week long trip down South in the spring and made it all the way down to the Florida Keys. We soaked up the sun and camped out under the stars on both the Atlantic and Gulf Shores.

We explored The Everglades, hunted for shark teeth, prospected for honey calcite and collected all the fossilized shells we could find! We made a stop in South Carolina to a few small mines to dig for Quartz, Amethyst, Hematite, Smoky Quartz and Aquamarine. Spent a few days mining under the warm sun and southern breeze of the Carolinas got lucky enough to find a few really exquisite specimens!!

We are planning a few beach and prospecting trips and are looking forward to explore all that the rest of summer has to offer. We missed our annual trip up to the Ace of Diamonds mine last year and but are super excited to be heading up to dig for some Herkimer Diamonds within the next few weeks! Heading to Virginia soon and will be checking out some Blue Quartz, Amazonite, Kyanite & Garnet mines in the Blue Ridge & Piedmont Mountains! Excited to share all our finds and hope you can make it to one of our pop up markets sometimes soon!

We are so grateful for you and are sending you all the highest vibrations!

Blessings of love & gratitude,

Rebecca, Lobsang

Karma & Tara

Earths Energy Gems

Shop Update

Hello beautiful beings,

I hope this message finds you at home, in a state of rest with a positive attitude, or the best that you can do. This has been a tough ride for all of us but WE WILL GET THROUGH this together. It has been incredible to watch our online community come together and create this space that we all so desperately need. Everyone offering their special gifts, we are so strong when we all come together and share our knowledge. The amount of love and wisdom being shared right now is so powerful! Lets make the best out of this and take a look at our lives and see what is worth keeping and what can we shed to come out of this stronger and a better person for ourselves, our community and to our precious mother Earth.

We returned to our home base a few weeks ago after a wonderful trip out west and the Philadelphia flower show. We have been staying busy unpacking, organizing and cleansing our new materials from our trip. (and homeschooling, and potty training, and raising chickens etc..) Working on our new e-commerce website where you will finally be able to buy these beautiful specimens online! I am also making some videos to have on the site..explaining more in detail how they form, how you can benefit from your crystals, which crystals are good for what and a whole lot more! (really excited to share this with you) I am also thinking of doing custom crystal pairings for anyone who may need a more in depth personal touch.

As of right now we have no idea when any markets will be starting but we are very excited to be opening up our online shop! We are here for you. Please reach out to us with anything you need, any questions you have. You have supported us from the beginning and we will always support you.  The sun will continue to shine and the flowers will still emerge from the deep darkness they’ve been hiding in.

Love & Light


Holiday Markets are Open!

Hello & Happy Holidays crystal family!

We are officially open at The Union Square Holiday Market everyday 11-8pm thru December 24th.

We are preparing our Shop at the Columbus Circle and will be open there everyday 10-8 December 4-24th!

Looking forward to seeing all of your wonderful energies!

Be well,

Rebecca & Lobsang

September 6,7 & 8th

Friday September 6th 
Popup citi corp
45th ave btwn Jackson & 23rd st
LIC, 10-6pm

Saturday September 7th
The village popup
Bleeker st between Charles & West 10th st
NYC, 10-6 pm

Saturday September 8th
Forrest Hills PopUp
Austin street between 72ave & 71st rd
Queens, 10-6pm

This weekend

Friday August 23rd
41st street PopUp
41st street between 3rd to Lexington Ave
NYC, 10-6pm

Saturday August 24th
8th Avenue PopUp
8th ave between 52-53rd street
NYC, 10-6pm

Sunday August 25th 
4th Avenue PopUp
4th Ave between 12-13th street
NYC, 10-6pm