Nepal Relief Fund

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As many of you know there was a terrible Earthquake last Saturday in Nepal.  Thousands of people have died, thousands more are injured and many are still missing. While millions of dollars of aid are pouring into the country, the truth of the mater is that this money is going into the accounts of the Prime Minister of Nepal and the Nepali people are being left to deal with the situation themselves.

Relief is trickling into the city of Kathmandu but has yet to reach the villages outside of the city. Most of these villages have been completely devestated, left entirely in ruin, they are left with nothing and no one to help them.   The conditions are getting worse. “We haven’t had any food here since the earthquake,” “We don’t have anything left here.” The death toll is increasing by hundreds a day.  Houses are down, roads are cracked people are left homeless and hungry. Drinking water supplies are running low and the authorities are very concerned that if it isn’t addressed soon it could lead to diseases breaking out, which would only exacerbate an already difficult situation.

We have created a relief fund to raise money for the Palnge Monastery. 100% of the money will be sent directly to Anzin Rinpoche (Lobsangs brother) and he will be purchasing medical supplies, tents, tarps, food and water and gathering teams of monks to send to the villages. Please, please donate EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS, ($1=Rs.100!!) RURAL VILLAGES HAVE NOT YET RECEIVED ANY HELP FROM GOVERNMENT & FOREIGN AID.DEVASTATION IS TOO LARGE SCALE!!!

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