WERE BACK FOR THE 2015 season!!!

Hello All!!

Hoping everyone has had a nice winter!  Finally its  time to come out of hibernation!! Its been a long fun season full of travels and adventures for us and were happy to back to NYC!!  We’ve got a whole new collection of materials so much I don’t even know where to begin!! Mongolian- Siderite, Hemimorphite & Tourmaline. Moroccan- Azurite,Calcite, Hematite,Aragonite. Congo- Chrysocolla & Polished Malachite. Peruvian- Turquoise, Druzy Chrysocolla, Pyrite. Chinese-Fluorite & Tourmaline. Brazil-Quartz (clear, rose & smokey) Clusters, Polished Wands, rough arm length points, Merkaba’s, Crystal Skulls, Massage Wands, Spheres. ToNS of new jewelry (moldavite, tourmaline,garnet..) BEAUTIFUL huge amethyst clusters & so much more!!!!

Come see us this weekend at one or both of our locations and check out our new collection!

SUNDAY April 5 we will be at

THE GREEN FLEA MARKET on Columbus Ave between 76th and 77th


on Broadway between 21st and 22nd street



IMG_4402       IMG_4165 DCIM101GOPRO      IMG_4423 DCIM101GOPRO

IMG_4465       IMG_4436


Please feel free to email us at theearthsenergy@gmail.com if you have any questions!! Also follow us @theearthsenergy on instagram for updates and giveaways!!

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