It’s a New Year

happy new year!

Well it certainly is a New Year and what a better time to make a change not only for ourselves but for all living beings! We have committed ourselves to a few things that we feel will not only benefit us, but the world as a whole….So here it goes!

No more Made In China                                                                           Weve gone back and forth with this one before, but we are really committing ourselves to it this time.  To buy is to support, and to support is to accept.  Enough is Enough.  We wont support or accept it anymore.

Bye bye big businesses! All though we rarely shop at big businesses and support corporations, we all have times of weakness.  When we give a company our money we have to ask ourselves where is the money really going? Well were supporting policies and campaigns that we dont necessarily agree with…A store may seem like they support grassroots and local community but be funding policies that support racism, homophobia and other offensive crimes.  Do the research you’ll be shocked..

We have a few more, but I’ll limit it to this for now 🙂

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